(f)route is a network of artists & fruitists.

(f)route is a social enterprise.

(f)route Inc is based  in East Gippsland, Australia but our network is global.

(f)route was imagined & built over many summers of shared fruit breakfasts. We have been growing since 2010.

We exist to sustain regional communities by supporting their artists & fruitists. By articulating their value and brokering a ‘market’ for them. By creating a network. And creating opportunities.

The (f)route elevator pitch
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There are many SEGMENTS to (f)route

That’s why we have synergy and energy and organic growth.

We will try to describe each segment  – but in reality they are all inter-related.

  • (f)route BREAKFASTs
  • (f)route CARTs
  • (f)route CARTOGRAPHY
  • (f)route PRESS
  • (f)route TOURS
  • (f)routeVILLE
  • (f)route CAMPSTERs
  • (f)route GLAMPING
  • (f)route INCUBATOR @ the FOUNDRY
  • (f)orage