(f)route INCUBATOR

This year, thanks to Rural Councils Victoria, (f)route has developed its pilot INCUBATOR project – to turn local creative ideas into creative enterprises.

Participants joined us in September 2014 and graduated at (f)routeville 2015 (February 28) – and created their online presence along the way.

We covered business basics, marketing, branding, planning (and more)  –  to help take each idea to reality.

The (f)route INCUBATOR gave each participant the opportunity, skills and support to create their own online profile, website, facebook page.

We see it as a win-win partnership – (f)route helps to bring attention and customers to our incubatee’s products – and in return, (f)route becomes an ever-more vibrant and diverse network.

You can see our collective of (f)routists online here.

Contact core@froute.com.au for more information.