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Date(s) - Saturday, 28/02/2015
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Cost: $5

Nicholson River Winery


Our annual summer+autumn event at Nicholson River Winery.

(f)routeville 2015
Saturday 28 February 2015
@Nicholson River Winery
east gippsland. victoria
(f)route celebrates summer.
with fruit & art.
foraging in february
& (f)routeville.
Join us for:
Our famous (f)route breakfast full of
plump Johnsonville peaches
Picnic Point apple fritters
& (f)route CAKE.
And our delectable evening dinner –  A Global Feast of CirCular Delights.
And everything in between.
Surrounded by…
(f)route CARTs
(f)route CAMPSTERS
(f)oraged cook-ups*
(f)oraged art
recycling, upcycling and cycling
community gardens, tours, swaps & market stalls
friendly cider, circus & conversation
fine food & wine
up and comers
endless good people.help us launch our (f)route GLAMPING social enterprise
and meet our (f)route INCUBATOR graduates
doing their creative thing.
*(f)oraged cook-ups – think about the found, picked, home-grown, wild, backyard, borrowed & begged ingredients that you love. – and creating your favourite meals, drinks, icecreams, desserts, yoghurts, tagines, soups, salads.
It’s a cook-off for famous, infamous, pro, amateurs, wannabes, foodies.