(f)routeville’s Global Feast of Circular Delights was a triumph of local produce –  thanks to the big team.

Special thanks to the photographer: Joel Sculley

Global Feast Committee: Tony Tree Tops & Josephine Jakobi.

The Eckersleys @ Nicholson River Winery

Volunteers: (Yes, I know more go here) (Please just tell me!) Jenny Carter , Jenni York, Laura Poole, Clancy Bennett, Lisa Roberts, Hilary Stripp. Lillian Kittel, Shirley Lamshed and Joyce May.

Breakfast volunteers: John Ireland, Linda Damon , Gary Belskyj , Alison McGoldrick Kerry Lander, James Gretham

Washer-uppers: the SCOUTS!

Dinner volunteers: Jill Hermans and Gabriel Anderson, Sally Avery, Lisa Roberts, Sophie Luchetta, Sarah Carlisle, Kate Shone, Mary Robinson, Heather Bygrave, Alison McGoldrick, Samdrub Losang . More help from Colleen Cross, Kellie Lawler, Jeanette Seignior , Gary Belskyj, James Eckersley, Neil Smith, Andrea Lane, Getz Yelen , Helen Sheil, Josie + Rick Jakobi … Fruit & veg donations from Jochen Kruse, Goldsmiths in the Forest, Avagrow, Wairewa, via Matt Zagami, Cass Roadknight, Hilary Stripp, and Bert Thorn from Beaconsfield vege stall on West Kalimna Rd