(f)routeville 2015 was another fabulous event.

THANK YOU. to all (f)routists. I’ve been trying to compile a thank you list for Frouteville. Yet it seems almost impossible. Anyway – here is a start. I’m sure we’ve still missed some. But I will keep working at it – we WILL fill in the gaps. Really – it was such a GREAT day. And so many new things have begun already. Just wait and see 🙂

Here’s a start –

The CORE committee: Scott D Lamshed, Princess Jewelsyann, James Eckersley, Jeanette Goedemoed Seignior, Neil Smith Andrea Lane, Jessee John, Getzel Gary Yelen, Anna Kinsky Walker,

Global Feast Committee: Tony Tree Tops & Josephine Jakobi.

The Eckersleys @ Nicholson River Winery

Volunteers: (Yes, I know more go here) (Please just tell me!)
Jenny Carter , Jenni York, Laura Poole, Clancy Bennett, Lisa Roberts, Hilary Stripp.
Lillian Kittel, Shirley Lamshed and Joyce May.

Breakfast volunteers: John Ireland, Linda Damon , Gary Belskyj , Alison McGoldrick Kerry Lander, James Gretham

Washer-uppers: the SCOUTS!

Dinner volunteers: Jill Hermans and Gabriel Anderson, Sally Avery, Lisa Roberts, Sophie Luchetta, Sarah Carlisle, Kate Shone, Mary Robinson, Heather Bygrave, Alison McGoldrick, Samdrub Losang . More help from Colleen Cross, Kellie Lawler, Jeanette Seignior , Gary Belskyj, James Eckersley, Neil Smith, Andrea Lane, Getz Yelen , Helen Sheil, Josie + Rick Jakobi … Fruit & veg donations from Jochen Kruse, Goldsmiths in the Forest, Avagrow, Wairewa, via Matt Zagami, Cass Roadknight, Hilary Stripp, and Bert Thorn from Beaconsfield vege stall on West Kalimna Rd

Bike Blender Manager: Beth Ripper

Funding committee: Martin Richardson (Love our Lakes), Heather Watson (Taste of Gippsland Lakes), Karly McKaskill (Love East Gippsland), Nicola Watts (East Gippsland Food Cluster).

The *CAMPSTER*– Munir and Mittul @ Giant Grass, Azz & Kym Stroud Smith @ Canvas Barn

Glamping: Jenny Toye and Marg Curran

(f)lanterns: Tracey Johnson & Don Ashby

Tea P Project: Sonia Grieve, Anita Padula, Leigh Tantaro

Travelling Fruit Museum: Susan Purdy & Ross Chandler

Incubatees: Margaret Taylor , Katherine Cunningham + (everyone – Susannah Keebler, Tracey Johnson, Rachael Pollac, Cheri O’Donnell, Dany Eggins, Julia Trezise, Debbie Adams, Jessee John, Cheryl Lord, Colleen Cross, Mary Robinson )

(f)route CAKES: 

Front of House: Rachel Mounsey

Screen Print t-shirts: Cheri O’Donnell

(F)orage (F)amily: Rachael Pollac

Shadow Puppets: Kellie Lawler (iou)

Bamboo Bikes: Sam Mitchell

Frocksmith: Carole Rigler

Kid’s circus: Ben Marchbank and Laura

Word foraging: Shayne Hyman

Kitchen set up for demos: Culinaire Cooking School, Swan Reach.

Travel Bureau: Gary Yelen, Dore Stockhausen, Deirdre Jack, Penny Carruthers

Fund raisers: Skye Auer, Megs Follett, Dave Ross, Shelly Nundra

Photographers: Clare River, Joel Skulley, Malachy Tarpey, Shelly Nundra, Lisa Roberts.

Speakers: Mayor Neale, Madelyn Jarvis – Rural Councils Victoria, Helen Sheil, Neil Smith

Filming: Fiona York

Musicians: Candice McLeod, Hugh McGinlay, Mark McCord, Nick Fischer, Blake Sadler, Nathan George, Lynne Wintergreen, Alley Cats Community Choir, Dany Eggins,

Any help to fill in the gaps would be great – thanks!
Sorry if I’ve missed any obvious ones – but it’s a start!