Our (f)route incubatees have been immersed in the whole business planning process for the last 3 months – developing their own creative enterprises – with the support of Rural Councils Victoria’s Technology Supporting Creative Industries program.

Under the guidance of Margaret Taylor, Learning Edges Australia, the group have developed their business ideas -with sessions on business planning, business basics,  marketing, and currrently web-making – to create the (f)route HUB online.

Graphic designer, blogger and maker Jessee John, is developing a portfolio of images, while the participants are refining their business statements .

The incubator portal is now a work-in-progress – to be developed over the next few months as we approach (f)routeville in (f)ebruary 2015. You can watch it emerge at froute.com.au/froutists/ as we learn our webmaking skills with support from Maurice Burns at MBWorks.info