We had this lovely story published today at http://www.awesome-istic.com/#/andreajosie/



  1. a social enterprise that values art, fruit, good travel, environment, slow conversations and regional communities.
  2. a loose amalgamation of artists and growers and environmentalists and food people, with the philosophy to always err on the side of generosity.
  3. an organization that “curates local cultural experiences worth travelling for” and aims to keep people optimistic, to create change and not just accept the status quo.
Synonyms: see Awesome-istic.
(f)route is all of the above, and it’s also much more than that. The definition of (f)route, like any art, can be both physical and ephemeral and it certainly doesn’t fit in any one box or wordy paragraph. But here’s what I’ve got for you:
(f)route is an organization working to broaden the perception of the role art plays in society. It recognizes artists and the work they create as an essential and valuable asset to the social fabric of a community and looks to connect people to both (the artwork and the art-makers) through firsthand experience. Created by a group of artists with common interests in fruit, environment and travel, the collective also enables independent artists in East Gippsland to create local enterprise so they can become financially secure.
Read the full – unsolicited – story by Vanessa @ Awsome-istic.com