(f)route Inc is calling for green / portable designers, architects and artists to design a *CAMPSTER* 
soooo – I’m expecting to spend my evenings looking for *CAMPSTER* inspiration – and spreading the word – looking for artists, designers and architects who might like to create the ultimate camping/glamping experience for our (f)route TOURs. Please share – and encourage your designing friends 
(f)route TOURs are the social enterprise that Neil Smith and Andrea Lane (& team) successfully researched/designed/costed/pitched/launched – under the Social Trader’s CRUNCH Program. (We are now pursuing the next $250,000 to build the fleet and underpin the first 5 years of operation.)
(f)route is offering a $5,000 prize to develop the winning design to commercial viability.http://frouteland.com.au/campster/
The winning design will be announced at (f)routeville – 1 March 2014, Nicholson River Winery.
But really – we do want lots to choose from, and wow the thousands of visitors who will come to (f)routeville to help us decide.
Hope you can consider entering – or spreading the word.
(f)route Inc is a social enterprise creating a community-owned GLAMPING enterprise … and we are calling for *CAMPSTER* designs [camping. mobile. sustainable. viable. different.]
Please read the brief – and consider! We are based in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Creating our first walk in the Point Hicks/Mallacoota region.
Winner announced: 1 March 2014
AUD$50 entry fee |AUD $5,000 prize.
*(f)route Inc has been developed through the Social Traders’ Crunch program and is currently a part of the Renew Australia/Docklands Spaces project.