Tony Adams
mixed media (salvaged and natural materials)

Artist’s Statement

Assembled from foraged objects and natural materials, Insekten Hotel follows my interest in bio-diversity and habitat loss; by creating a refuge for pollinators and pest controllers. The vital role played by native bees, spiders and bugs within the food chain, is often threatened as we strive to maintain tidy lawns and neat gardens. Placed near flowering shrubs and bushes, this work addresses this imbalance of habitat loss through the creation of a wildlife stack that offers short and long term accommodation to a variety of creatures.

Tony will be at the Nowa Nowa Art Home at midday, Saturday (20 April) to install his Insekten Hotel (f)route CART. Other (f)route CARTists Susan Purdy and Gary Belskyj will be joining us for cider and conversation throughout the afternoon. Drop in!