OK – we are close to having a plan for a (f)routeville.
It’s still a bit flexible though!

9.30 – (f)route breakfast ($5 in the jar).
Help us cook, share and eat– it’s a collaboration).

10.15 – Padma Newsome and Susannah Keebler
(‘The Good Intentions’) perform The Cherry Ballart’ song & more

10.45 – A few words from (f)route & others.

11.00 – Music from Nick Fischer, FEVA Pitch and the Alley Cats – and a (f)rukulele jam!

12.00 – Howard Reddish (Mt Markey Winery) – talks cider and apples and fruit presses
12.30 – Ken Eckersley (Nicholson River Winery) – talks about flavours. fruit. wine. picking & more.

1.00 – CRUNCH – our social enterprise & the Great Glamping Debate

After all that – Ken Eckersley will take anyone who’s keen – on a tour of the winery!
There’s lots to see and hear, touch and smell!

ALSO, throughout the day …

• The East Gippsland Makerspace – inspire kids to make stuff with fruit.
• Tony Adams (Slow Art Collective)– introduces his INSEKTEN Hotel CART – and vegan a la carte.
• Samara McIlroy – presents the Pop Up Locavore Travel Agency CART to gather your fruit stories.
• Gary Belskyj – shows off his steampunk (f)route breakfast CART.
• Susan Purdy – tells us about her fruit museum CART. with precision peeling!
• (f)route ART & OBJECTS for sale
• sublime (f)route tumblers from Tallon Glass – $40 each
• 18 y.o. Sam Mitchell has built a solar powered trike to cycle around Australia next month. Meet him.
• Jessee John – (f)route PRESS editor – with her (f)route CAKE zine ($3 each) and jamming prowess.
• Eat cake from the (f)route CAKE CART.
• Culinaire Cooking School – with goodies for sale and fruit thoughts to share.
• Community Carts are being created by:
Organics Australia Association, Orbost Snowy Growers, Great Alpine Gallery, Goongerah Garlic, Nowa Nowa Mens Shed, Mallacoota – and more. Some are works in progress. Some are just beginning. Some have drawings, photos & plans. You can propose one too. Ask us how.

FREE ENTRY: Nicholson River Winery, 57 Liddells Rd, Nicholson. 5156 8241

Fruit Futures: the (f)route exhibition by Josephine Jakobi opens at the East Gippsland Art Gallery 6.00pm Friday, 1 March 2013.