Susan Purdy – The Fruit Museum CART – work in progress

Susan Purdy, from South Gippsland has begun her ‘Fruit Museum CART’.

 ‘An aesthetically rich, technologically-enabled cabinet on wheels, custom made to house the Fruit Museum’s collection. Fruity music, composed especially for the museum with a similar timbre and tender nostalgia to an ice cream vendor’s music, is an essential element of this work. ‘

‘The Fruit Museum will dazzle audiences with the range and strangeness of its displays.’

Susan will be at (f)routeville on 2 March at the Nicholson River Winery. 

Although this cart is still in production (as most are) there will be an exclusive preview of collection highlights on display at (f)routeville – and Susan is happy to engage in fruitological conversations, precision peeling displays and tuneful creative moments throughout the day.

Implements from The Fruit Museum CART