(f)routeville  – is coming soon.
Saturday morning – 2 March 2013 @ Nicholson River Winery

(f)routeville: it’s a bigger than usual (f)route breakfast
come along to celebrate: autumn – a new fruit season. with local fruit & mascarpone.
local coffee with fruit-drenched cakes. beside fruit trees & fruit sheds in the orchard.
partake in conversation with fruitful purpose.
admire our artist made (f)route CARTs. (f)route objects & hand-made (f)route marquee. meet CART artists & fruitists over breakfast. enjoy frukulele among the vines.
learn about fruit & wine with Ken. share your fruit stories.
and there’s (f)route for kids – with the EG Makerspace makers.
(f)route is an arts project and social enterprise about fruit, environment,
creativity & culture [& glamping*] in East Gippsland. [*come & find out!]Saturday 2 March 2013, Nicholson River Winery
9.30am start – for a day of things to see & hear & learn & do. FREE ENTRY
$5 in the jar for self serve breakfast. BRING FRUIT FOR SHARING IF YOU CAN.