Organic Agriculture Association Inc (OAA) – Heather, Audrey and Stephen

One of the best bits about (f)route has been making connections with all the people in East Gippsland who are on the same page. fruit+art+sustainability+culture+heritage+community=makes us all feel better. (f)routey.

A little while ago (f)route was funded by the Shire to support the making of a dozen COMMUNITY (f)route carts. (these are separate to our Arts Vic application for ART CARTs – still pending). a bit less arty, and a little more practical most likely. but ALL about connecting.

First cab off the rank – the Organic Agriculture Association Inc (OAA) in Bairnsdale.

This is SOOO exciting for us. the OAA were at our very first (f)route ‘strategic planning day’ – 2 years ago!! [who’dve thought it would take quite so long] Nonetheless.. we are well and truly on the way..

Their CART will be the centrepiece of their new community garden at the Steiner/Makerspace/OAA precinct. yay.

Stephen, Audrey and Heather are the passionate Organics people who drive a fabulous movement. and have done for ever. We hope this is project will be yet another connector of (f)route-like minds.