It was great to have our CRUNCH mentor Shankar (from Accenture) come visit us in Nowa Nowa today.  He and Neil Smith, Andrea Lane and Gary Yelen had a good chat about what the (f)route enterprise is.

It seems like it’s shaping up as a community driven Travel Bureau 🙂 . Where a) local businesses and b) tourists are both our ‘customers’ – paying for the service we provide in creating, marketing and selling (f)route ‘packages’  – slow art, travel, local experiences, accommodation, (f)route  breakfasts, supported walks/cyle tours, workshops, local produce … etc.

hmmm… a (f)route brand … that helps develop local product … then markets the experiences that fit the (f)route ethos.

… and continues to seek funding and partners to develop the (f)route experience/product.

Something like that anyway.