So we did not get funding for our artist (f)route carts……all the (f) based expletives of  (f)rustration have been uttered. But it seems the (f)route cart is not ready to lie down and die quite yet; some artists are made of sterner stuff and carrying on regardless, others are regrouping. It seems there is some money available to at least build one cart; so what cart?
We are thinking a little bigger than ‘cart’, possibly small caravan/cart and we are asking for help.
The fruit breakfasts have been a very successful and popular component of the (f)route project; we are thinking a towable cart/caravan to service and promote the (f)route breakfasts and associated projects.
So where do we start?
WE WANT IDEAS; or more to the point….input into a collaborative project.
The Brief; 
To design and build a small arty/smartly functional caravan that services and promotes the (f)route project.
What we are asking for at the moment;
You are all aware of the (f)route aims and aesthetic. We are looking for concepts for the caravan. We want it to stand out! We want it to be different and distinct. We want it to be fun. We want it to be the centrepiece for (f)route gatherings and gatherings of (f)route carts .
We want your first arty ideas! At the moment nothing is out of the question. We want the character, the persona (assuming a caravan can have a persona??) the graphics, the form, the wow.
The practicalities can come later.
If you are driven by function; consider breakfast preparation, general food service, coffee and tea, fruit processing (bottling, jam, juice, growing….?) display (art, fruit, fruit products, information….?) sound, light, movement, seating, shelter, and any others you want to add.
Does that give you the idea??
Concepts can be in any format; thumbnails, photos , models , whatever.
IMPORTANT!!!!……this is a collaborative project, somewhere along the line whatever ideas we get will hopefully mould into one exciting project.
We are looking for input for concepts, but it may well be a combination of ideas that come together for the final project. Practicality and cost may also effect the finished concept. If that is not your thing, this one is not for you.
Somewhere along the line we will probably need to workshop the ideas and get serious and appoint an artistic director; until then please,
Cut loose with your imaginations and get something to us!
Need to know more?