Thanks again to everyone who came along to the HOT HOUSE workshops. We talked to about 80 people over the course of the week. Some old (f)routers from way back, and some brand new.

Karl Khoe, Chaco Kato, Samara McIlroy and Josephine Jakobi gave us great new words to describe the artistry of the (f)route project.  Deb Foskey, Neil Smith and Deirdre Jack spoke eloquently about its importance to remote communities.

We introduced some new people/orgs to the network – the Bruthen Orange Fair, the Makerspace, the Orbost Exhibition Centre, the Orbost Community Garden. And the Shire loved our footage from around the region – and spoke (welcomely) about our efforts to make a change – and their commitment to help us do that. Others came to listen and share the fruit.

Many of the artists who have submitted CART proposals spoke about their concepts and we got a great sense of how their installation and presentation (avec breakfast) could work in artist run spaces  (or elsewhere) across Melbourne – and locally as hubs of brilliant conversations – and yes – the sharing of ‘plenty’.

And it was great to have such a (C)artful turnout from the TAFE students – thanks to Jenny and Catherine for supporting (f)route from Day one.

But for now, please don’t mention the word fruit.

(oh – except there’s a breakfast planned for the EGSC Councillors v soon. Oh! – and maybe the Mallacoota Solstice in June. Oh!  and one on August 25 at the Bruthen Orange Fair. ) (And! one at the TAFE to show off all the students’ fabulous work). you know how it is.

CART by Catherine Goral (Advance TAFE Visual Arts student)

An Orbost breakfast at Josephine Jakobi’s CART, french toast by Karl Khoe