Georgia Snowball was our third artist-in-residence for the CARTography project. She worked in Goongerah and Mallacoota in two fairly different situations.

The Goongerah project was a low-key ‘movement/performance adjunct to the Such is Life Punk Festival, while the Mallacoota project was more of a contstruction/movement installation at Bastion Point.
They were both great examples (introductions to ) (experiments with) our idea of ‘slow art’. (more emphasis on the process than the outcome – but with a long term plan to improve our practice and extend our ‘audience’ – and well, embed art (and generosity) in everything we do.
Unfortunately Georgia couldn’t make it to the HOT HOUSE session last week to talk in person. But she made this podcast of her thoughts about how it all went, what she learned, and thanking all the people in those communities who made it happen! Thanks G – it was great to have you — and to do something so completely different – we got some great images and great video – and made great new (f)route connections.