Georgia Snowball is a Sydney-based performance artist who endeavours to push the boundaries of physical  movement and installation art. Her inspiration evolves from the relationship of the human body intertwined with the natural environment, to create spontaneous public performance works. 
Grounded in Bhuto dance training, Georgia’s unique and energised techniques gather in audience particpation and combine live responses to perform groundbreaking and enlivening works.

On Sunday 29 April the (f)route project will reach its autumnal peak at the iconic Bastion Point beach at Mallacoota.Fruitists are encouraged to join us at 10am at Bastion Point to help create a (f)route orchard on the beach.

Sydney performance artist Georgia Snowball will be orchestrating a series of photo opportunities by weaving herself through the   flotsam/jetsam orchard – created on the most beautiful site on earth.

(f)route will be on-site at Bastion Point till early afternoon, then re-group   at the Mudbrick Pavillion at 6pm for a informal supper of local produce – shared to the sounds of local musos – the  Goats of Mykonos.

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