Chaco Kato was born in Sendai city, Japan and has been based in Melbourne, since 2006. Kato’s art practice involves many genres from process-based installation to improvisational drawing and picture book making. She is probably best known for her ephemeral, open-ended, installations,such as large scale string constructions, or dried veggie sculpture series.

Chaco’s plan for Swifts Creek is to create a Net Work

I would like to create ‘a net work’ . I will connect the landscape with white strings, and by doing so, create a pathway. (The shapes, the form will be according to the site).

I m hoping to create some sort of almost mazelike pathway with white strings among orchard. People can come to create their own path or even little cubby house or spider webs.

Just checking out the (f)route sites in Swifts Creek & Cassillis.