(f)route CART maquette – Josephine Jakobi

Generosity and good times are sure to abound at this weekend’s (f)route breakfast to be held on Sunday the 19th February at The Stables Gallery (58 Service Street, Bairnsdale) as part of their monthly Artisans Bazaar.  
These fabulously funky morning gatherings are a key part of the East Gippsland-wide, fruit-based community arts project known as (f)route.  Come and join the conversation about art and fruit, bottling and growing. Anyone can join us at the table and enjoy locally made muesli – generously supplied by East Gippsland Eats – and locally grown and bottled fruit – all for just $5, (with essential breakfast extras such as coffee and cake available at The Stables cafe.)
All of this will be taking place in the ‘Urban Orchard’, a pop-up installation that will temporarily transform The Stables courtyard – thanks to the support and assistance of local businesses like Dahlsens, Goodmans Seeds, The Lime Lily and Van Berkel florists.  
It is also the place to see the rolling out of the first of our (f)route CARTs –  another major part of the project.  CARTs that are being created, range from the  completely conceptual artwork, to a more functional and useful fruit cart.  And there’s a couple ready to roll.
Come down and spend a lazy Sunday morning in the midst of the slow (f)routey food movement, bring some fruity recipes (we’re making a book!) and share your fruity knowledge with the (f)route team,  check out the Artisans Bazaar and mini {Makery} inside, enjoy a great Stables coffee and be part of a movement, destined to become an essential part of East Gippsland’s social, artistic and tourism future.

(f)route banner by Cherry Stevens