If anyone would like to join a small group of (f)routers …

We are kicking off our idea of gathering on the 1st of every month, somewhere fruity.

We need to decide what to do with our first lot of funding (how to proceed with mapping and story gathering).

And who is interested in creating (f)route carts (so I can write more funding submissions.. ?)

It might only be a very small gathering. But that’s ok – we are all keen on chatting and getting started. I’m sure we’ll gather momentum as we get into a routine and the idea takes shape and the art begins to get made.

so – our first 8.30am breakfast on 1 June will be at Josephine Jakobi’s family’s old Bee Farm near Burnt Bridge. Her directions follow.

Hope a few of you can make it. We have Polenta Cake and coffee, and sourdough and jam to share. And we’ll be there early to light a fire.

(ps we have a back up plan to meet at Le Cafe in Bruthen if the weather is foul, so please let us know if you are coming, so we know who to contact if plans change!)

Josie’s directions:

To the Bee Farm: Turn down the Burnt Bridge Road that is closer to Lakes Entrance, not the end that is closer to Nowa Nowa.. Take the right fork onto Petersens Track. At the next fork, go left down Byrne’s Track and left again when the option is to the Long Point.

The Orange Tree is a little way down the paddock.

The orange tree was planted by my great grandmother, a long time ago. It is part of an old orchard that is in serious decline. Really not much left but that and a few matted old fig trees.

The orange tree has a long tradition in our family of being the place to wander too on a sunny day when one feels like sitting for a while on the hillside.

oh, and I have just remembered……

The orange tree is a seedling orange (not grafted) Therefore if one was to grow a tree from its seeds, they should be true to the parent tree and turn out the same. My mum was very proud of this and was always trying to get me to plant one.