FRUITISTS (fruit growers, fruiterers and fruit-loving artists) REQUIRED

The East Gippsland Arts Alliance & Red Tractor Art are developing an arts project called (f)route. And it’s all about fruit. Local, public, wild fruit.

And it needs artists and fruitists to make it all happen.

(f)route will explore the East Gippsland places that embrace localism – embracing their smallness, remoteness and resourcefulness. Communities that know ‘their place’, and ‘their produce’.

We are proposing an arts project that will pay homage to the importance ‘going local’ – through the geography, history, and traditions of each location’s fruit.

The artistic outcomes of the project will be a series of installations (FROUTE CARTS), an interactive map of stories and images (FROUTE CART-OGRAPHY), and an exhibition of artist-made maps which will provide an artist’s interpretation of East Gippsland fruit.